Emily McLaughlin - Mixed Media Painting







Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin - Mixed Media Painting

Seattle, WA


Born in Seattle, I've been painting and drawing in various ways since I can remember. While studying literature and art at Oberlin College, Ohio, I also painted for a brief 6 months at L'Ecole Marchutz in Aix-en-Provence, France. I've had the good fortune to work in theatre costuming and wardrobe since.

Animating the art are two desires: to illustrate myth- images that suggest dreams and stories from the collective stream of consciousness, and to keep an ambiguous familiarity with mortality, that mystifying and often terrifying essence of ourselves, where celebrating life and embracing the equal reality of death entwine.

The mix of collage and oil paint is a way for me to assemble an idea out of disparate parts, partly expressed through its process. Collage is a process of collision and re-creation. I appreciate rough, cut edges, the feel of different papers, the build-up of oil paint strokes and ridges. Photos in our media and daily life are an integral part of how we communicate information, ideas, and emotions. Incorporated into the work, the smooth, flat realism and familiarity of photography is enveloped by paint. The corporality of oil paint- its being-ness, like flesh and bones, transforms the collage with its depth of color and texture.

I want to celebrate the interaction of our physicality and the formulation of our ideas. Through our interior selves we experience the exterior world. I explore how we share both our selves and our world, when and how these are or seem different, how our awareness of this varies through our bodies, consciousness, and accumulated ways of understanding. Our interior structures and workings make the universe of our lives possible, are miracles of form and spirit, and as such are inspiration for myths and meanings.



Marbled Orbweaver by Emily McLaughlin


Blue Tarantula by Emily McLaughlin


Navigation by Emily McLaughlin


Spirit Lights by Emily McLaughlin


Blue Crow Feather- Crow Series by Emily McLaughlin


Green Crow Feather by Emily McLaughlin


Yellow Crow by Emily McLaughlin


Red Crow by Emily McLaughlin


Mystery of the Human Heart by Emily McLaughlin


XX Chromosomes Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Multiply Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Cell Interior Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Immunity Activation Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Mitosis Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Astrocytes Microbiology Landscapes Series by Emily McLaughlin


Water City by Emily McLaughlin


Humanity Fish by Emily McLaughlin


The Tree by Emily McLaughlin


Electricity Hand La Mano Poderosa by Emily McLaughlin


Energy Self Portrait by Emily McLaughlin